American Center of Research Audio-visual collection

The archives at the American Center contain audio-visual documentation of the Center’s history including lectures and events, archaeological projects, as well as commercial and news programs. The vast majority of content currently available online is from the 1980s and 1990s, though of course we continue to collect audio-visual materials, though now almost exclusively in a born-digital format.

The table below lists the audio and visual tapes we have digitized as well as providing a link to the Digital Archive (when one exists). Materials not online yet may have copyright restrictions, but can be viewed in-person at the American Center.

Lectures and site visits
Qasr Hallabat1985
Dr. S Thomas Parker and the el-Lejjun excavationsThomas, Parker S.1985
Don Wimer – Tell Safut excavationWimer, Don1985
Dr. Cherie Lenzen – Irbid/Beit Ras excavationLenzen, Cherie1985
[Lecture on projectile weapons]ca. 1985
Aqaba, Khirtbet Et-Tannour, and Khirbet Ed-Dhirih1986
Excavations at QuseirWhitcomb, DonOctober 1985
Archaeological Theory: An American PerspectiveWatson, Patty JoJune 1986
Roman Sites in Northeast JordanMiller, Dorris7 October 1986
Amman Citadel salvage excavations 1987, original footage, 1CAmerican Center of Research1987
Amman Citadel salvage excavations 1987, edited versionAmerican Center of Research1987
Amman Citadel salvage excavations 1987, original footage, 1BAmerican Center of Research1987
1986 Southern Ghors and Wadi Araba SurveyMacDonald, Burton10 March 1987
The Tell Abu-Hameed ProjectKafafi, Zeidan11 March 1987
The 1987 Season of Excavation at AqabaWhitcomb, DonApril 1987
Ain Ghazal: A New JerichoSimmons, Alan6 July 1987
Humaymeh 1987Oleson, John8 July 1987
Spinning & Weaving in Jordanian ArchaeologyIrvin, Dorothy13 July 1987
Evolution of traditional village architecture at ‘Aisna, JordanBrewers, Michele14 July 1987
1987 Ain Ghazal SurveyKafafi, Zeidan, Simmons, Alan14 July 1987
The Impact of Modern Development on Traditional Village LifeBrewers, Michele20 July 1987
Update on on-going work at Umm el-JimalDe Vries, Bert22 July 1987
Pots and Potters I have KnownLondon, Gloria27 July 1987
Madaba Plains Project [Tall al-Umayri]Geraty, Larry28 July 1987
Iron Age Farmsteads in the Madaba PlainYonkers, Randy29 July 1987
The Food System Model in ArchaeologyLaBianca, Øystein3 August 1987
Results of the 1987 season of the Wadi Ziqlab projectBanning, E. B.4 August 1987
Romans and Arabs: The Defense of the Arabian FrontierParker, S. Thomas5 August 1987
Roman Rule in the HawranMiller, Doris10 January 1988
Anatolian Flat Weaves and Related Archaeological EvidenceBartels, Herwig26 January 1988
Where was the Arabic language during the Bronze AgeMendenhall, George E.3 February 1988
Landscape Evolution and Early Agricultural settlements in the Jordan ValleyMabry, Jonathan10 February 1988
Regional Styles in Ayyubid ArchitectureAllen, Terry2 March 1988
Ancient Copper Mining and Metallurgy of CyprusKouky, Frank15 March 1988
Iconoclasm in 8th century A.D. PalestineSchick, Robert25 April 1988
The Geology of PalestineKouky, Frank30 May 1988
Carthage MuseumRicherson, James J.6 November 1988
Aqaba ExcavationsWhitcomb, Don15 November 1988
Archaeological Survey of Greater Amman (AGSA)Greene, Joseph A.28 November 1988
Archaeological Survey of Greater Amman computer database/graphics systemGreene, Joseph A.12 December 1988
Preliminary results of the 1989 season of the Madaba Plains Project: Tell el-Umeiri, Tell Jawa, Tell Umm el-AsakirGeraty, Larry, LaBianca, Øystein, Herr, Larry1989
Preliminary results of the Limes Arabicus ProjectParker, S. Thomas1989
Amman Citadel salvage excavations 1989, original footage, 1AAmerican Center of Research1989
Umayyad Floor MosaicsDeemer, James20 February 1989
Beit Ras (Irbid) 1983-Lenzen, Cherie13 March 1989
The Archaeology of DeathLain, Andrea10 April 1989
Christianity in Southern Jordan in the Byzantine and early Islamic PeriodSchick, Robert24 April 1989
BastaMuheisen, Mujahid15 May 1989
Deforestation in Southern JordanFall, Patricia12 June 1989
Tell Nimrin Project – Lecture and site visitMacCreery, David, Flanagan, James, Dornemann, Rudolph Henry19 June 1989
Wadi el-YabisMabry, Jonathan, Palumbo, Gaetano11 July 1989
The results of the Lyon Conference: Ghazi Bisheh, Director, Dept. of AntiquitiesBisheh, Ghazi31 July 1989
Khirbet Faris : The first two seasons of excavationsMcQuitty, AlisonOctober 1989
Ware it’s atRedmount, CarolNovember 1989
The National Strategy for Archaeology and Cultural ResourcesSaudi, Ghazi27 November 1989
Ancient and Modern Mint ErrorsNayef Goussous5 December 1989
An Investigation of Seasonal Villages from the Ottoman Centuries in JordanLaBianca, Øystein1 January 1990
Monothelitism: Christian theological disputes and the Muslim conquest of Syria and PalestineSchick, Robert18 June 1990
Ethnoarchaeobotanical FieldworkPalmer, Carol31 July 1990
Traditional Architecture and ArchaeologyIbrahim, Mu’awiyah19 September 1990
The Roman & Byzantine bath at HumeimaOleson, John5 November 1990
Opening of Petra Church ceremony with Her Majesty Queen NoorAmerican Center of Research8 July 1998
Integrated Archaeology, Part IILenzen, Cherie
Integrated Archaeology, Part ILenzen, Cherie
Petra Church Project
Petra Church Project – ScrollsAmerican Center of Research
Petra Church Project21 February 1993
Petra Church Project – MosaicsKhouri, Rami, Petra Church Project1 March 1993
Petra – Scroll ExcavationUSAID8 December 1993
Petra Church Project – ScrollsAmerican Center of Research9 December 1993
American Center of Reseach
ACOR building constructionAmerican Center of Research5 February 1985
ACOR building final shotsAmerican Center of Research1986
ACOR official openingAmerican Center of Research1986
ACOR building siteAmerican Center of Research1985-1986
ACOR building constructionAmerican Center of Research1985-1986
ACOR “topping-out” ceremonyAmerican Center of Research1986
ACOR building constructionAmerican Center of Research27 November 1985, 20 February 1986
The American Center for Oriental Research – A 25th Anniversary CelebrationNorth Carolina State University1993
ACOR – Past, Present, and FutureAmerican Center of Research1985-1986
Temple of Hercules
Temple of HerculesRussell, Kenneth1991-1992
Amman Citadel – Temple of Hercules reconstructionAmerican Center of Research15 March 1993


Stone Age of Jordan
Lecture 2, part 2: Lithic TechnologyRollefson, Gary O.18 January 1982
Lecture 2, part 1: Lithic TechnologyRollefson, Gary O.18 January 1982
Lecture 3: Dating methods, paleoclimate, paleoenvironment, Oluwan culture of AfricaRollefson, Gary O.25 January 1982
Lecture 4: Lower and middle AcheulianRollefson, Gary O.27 January 1982
Lecture 5: Late Acheulian, Middle PaleolithicRollefson, Gary O.1 February 1982
Lecture 6: Middle Paleolithic, Upper PaleolithicRollefson, Gary O.3 February 1982
Lecture 7: Upper Paleolithic, EpipaleolithicRollefson, Gary O.8 February 1982
Lecture 8: Natufian, pre-Pottery Neo A, Neo BRollefson, Gary O.10 February 1982
Archaeology of Jordan and Biblical History
Lecture 1: 1) Introduction 2) Brief history of Palestinian Archaeology 3) Explanation of excavation and survey techniques 4) Biblical Archaeology vs. Palestinian ArchaeologyMcCreery, David W.16 February 1982
Lecture 2: Chronology, Means of dating occupation layers and structuresMcCreery, David W.22 February 1982
Lecture 3: History and Theology, Sources of the Pen[?], Myth, Legend, and History, Gen 1-2, 4McCreery, David W.23 February 1982
Lecture 4McCreery, David W.1 March 1982
Lecture 5McCreery, David W.2 March 1982
Lecture 6McCreery, David W.5 March 1982
Lecture 7McCreery, David W.6 March 1982
Lecture 8McCreery, David W.8 March 1982
Lecture 9McCreery, David W.9 March 1982
Lecture 10McCreery, David W.15 March 1982
Lecture 11McCreery, David W.16 March 1982
Lecture 12McCreery, David W.22 March 1982
Lecture 13McCreery, David W.23 March 1982
Lecture 14McCreery, David W.29 March 1982
Lecture 15McCreery, David W.30 March 1982
Lecture 16McCreery, David W.12 April 1982
Archaeological Methodology
Lecture 1: Introduction and OverviewMcCreery, David W.12 February 1983
Lecture 2: Pots and People – Intro to Pottery TypologyShaub, R. Thomas
Lecture 3: Archaeological Periods Represented in JordanMcCreery, David W.16 February 1983
Lecture 4: Archaeological Periods Represented in JordanMcCreery, David W.21 February 1983
Lecture 5: Archaeological Periods Represented in Jordan – Brief history of archaeological research, choosing a site to excavateMcCreery, David W.23 February 1983
Lecture 6: Choosing a Staff, Qualifications of Project Director, Role of ACOR and Department of AntiquitiesMcCreery, David W.28 February 1983
Lecture 7: Fundamentals of an ExcavationMcCreery, David W.2 March 1983
Lecture 8: Introduction to Pottery Study – Part 1Lenzen, Cherie7 March 1983
Lecture 9: Introduction to Pottery Study – Part 2Lenzen, Cherie7 March 1983
Lecture 12: Faunal OsteologyKohler-Rollerfson, Ilse12 March 1983
Archaelogical DraftingByrd, Brian16 March 1983
Lecture 13: Lithic Technology and TypologyRollefson, Gary O.23 March 1983
Lecture 14: Human Osteology – Digging up BonesRolston, Scott L.28 March 1983
Lecture 15: Human Osteology – Age and SexRolston, Scott L.
Lecture 16: Introduction to PaleoethnobotanyMcCreery, David W.4 April 1983
Lecture 17: Reconstructing Ancient Agricultural SystemsMcCreery, David W.13 April 1983
Lecture 18: Epigraphic Studies in JordanClark, Vincent18 April 1983
Lecture 19: From Potsherds to HistoryMattingly, Gerald20 April 1983
An Archaeological Interpretation of Babylon in the 6th Century B. C.; Humans, Deities, and their relationships
Lecture #1: Introduction – The Chief Considerations Necessary for an understand of ancient Babylonian cultureWilliams, Prescott17 October 1983
Lecture #2: An Outline of Mespotamian History to the Neo-Babylonian PeriodWilliams, Prescott19 October 1983
Lecture #3: How Life was Organized in Babylon: Polytheism and SocietyWilliams, Prescott24 October 1983
Lecture #4: How Marduk Became Lord (Bel) and Remained DominantWilliams, Prescott26 October 1983
Lecture #5: The Moon and Sun Guide: Nobu and ShemashWilliams, Prescott31 October 1983
Lecture #6: Ishtar, the Goddess Par ExcellenceWilliams, Prescott2 November 1983
Lecture #7: Adad, Amurru and the SibittaWilliams, Prescott7 November 1983
Stand-alone lectures
Intro to Iron Age IA (3)1 April 1979
End of previous lecture, side 2 = Iron Age IIA (4)1 April 1979
Iron Age IA (5)4 April 1979
End of Iron Age IA (one side) (6)4 April 1979
Changes in Stone Tool ManufactureRollefson, Gary O.20 October 1980
Bones and the ArchaeologistRolston, Scott15 November 1980
Stone Age Studies: The How and What of Early Prehistoric Archaeological AnalysisRollefson, Gary O.24 October 1981
Paleolithic in JordanRollefson, Gary O.26 October 1981
Ancient Agriculture in the Dead Sea RegionMcCreery, David W.3 November 1981
3000 B.C.Jacobs, Linda K.19 December 1981
1500 B.C.Jacobs, Linda K.19 December 1981
Stone Age of Jordan, Lecture 1, Prepottery Neolithic B, Jericho and BeidhaRollefson, Gary O.17 January 1982
Theory and Method of Archaeological Survey DesignBanning, Ted6 March 1982
Bab edh-Dhra and Cities of the PlainSchaub, R. Thomas23 November 1982
American Research in the Middle EastRadwan, Ann Bos22 February 1983
Women in AcademiaRadwan, Ann Bos27 February 1983
Shells in Jordanian ArchaeologyReese, David12 October 1983
Animal Bones in Jordanian ArchaeologyReese, David13 October 1983
Burial Customs in Jordan during the Iron AgeSuleiman, Msaytif29 November 1983
Stone Tool Technology, Lecture #3Henry, Donald O.21 February 1984