SCHEP’s awareness program, under the title “Generations 4 Heritage,” sought to bring together communities and strengthen bonds. This meant implementing a variety of educational workshops, field trips, and events that fostered closer ties among classmates, families, friends, and communities. Amidst the festivals and celebrations, SCHEP’s awareness events also worked to educate children, their families, and others through fun and engaging activities. Participants learned how to reassemble broken pottery or create their own mosaics, while at the same time gaining a better understanding of SCHEP’s aims in the community and the value of the sites in their own backyards. A particular emphasis was placed on youth engagement and participation.  

A particular emphasis was placed on youth engagement and participation. Many of the community issues the projects encountered, such as vandalism or misinformation about the sites, stemmed from a lack of education or sense of ownership. SCHEP believes that these values of stewardship and heritage can be learned and embraced at any point in life, but that it is certainly beneficial to start at an early age. To this end, much of SCHEP’s work focused on schools, either educating SCHEP host communities about the history or value of their local sites or looking outside our own nine sites to teach more general knowledge and appreciation of archeological and cultural heritage.

Images by: Eman Abedsalam, AbedalFatah Ghareeb, FOAH Team, Yusuf Ahmed, Sofia Smith, Nayef Alshamlat, JREDS Team, Mustafa Al Ajlouni