Capacity Building

Cultural heritage conservation, management, interpretation, and presentation demand a wide variety of skills. These fields are often on the cutting edge of technology, necessitating up-to date, and detailed knowledge. SCHEP had to assess, the skills that would be most useful for the cultural, heritage sector in Jordan, as well as how to train, people with varied backgrounds and skill levels in a short period of time, as most participants in SCHEP programs were also full-time employees or students. To accomplish these goals, SCHEP worked closely with institutions, universities, companies, and potential trainees to develop a wide variety of capacity building programs. 

SCHEP’s capacity building programs included the site-specific programs listed in previous sections. These courses and the skills they imparted, while transferable, were designed to focus on individual projects and meet the needs of specific sites. The courses discussed in this section, however, were broader programs, seeking to bolster the skills of the CHR sector writ large. A total of 302 Jordanian professionals, students, and recent graduates took part in SCHEP’s capacity building activities, gaining new knowledge and learning cutting-edge skills and techniques to aid their work to protest and preserve Jordan’s cultural heritage.

Image by: AbedalFatah Ghareeb, Zaid Kashour, Yusuf Ahmed, Sofia Smith