Image requests and guidelines

Download a PDF of the Image Request and Permission for Publication Form HERE

Publication, distribution, exhibition, or reproduction of images for commercial use (print, electronic, online, or other media) is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the American Center of Research (ACOR). To place an image request and/or to obtain permission for publication, please complete the Image Request and Permission for Publication Form [see link above and at bottom] and submit it to the American Center of Research ( Please allow at least two (2) business days for response to the request. Please note that in Jordan the weekend falls on Friday and Saturday.

The cost for obtaining publication-quality high-resolution digital images (TIFF, minimum 300 dpi) is USD $10 per image file. New photography/scanning costs USD $20 per image, in addition to the cost of the image file(s). Additional rates apply to obtain permission for commercial and non-commercial publication. A letter of permission for publication will be sent by email along with an invoice that notes options for payment [see fee schedule below]. The letter of permission must be signed and returned to the ACOR Archive, and payment made before image files are delivered. Files are sent electronically. There is an additional USD $100 rush processing fee for any orders that must be completed in less than two (2) weeks. All proceeds are used to support the ACOR Archive.

Non Commercial Publications

Images are free to use for research, academic, and editorial purposes; watermarked images may be downloaded without filling in a request form by (1) Selecting your image of choice in the viewer window of the ACOR online photo archive; and then (2) Right clicking on the image and selecting the “Save Image As” option. [For Mac users, press Control+Click and select “Save Image As”.] For non-watermarked images, please state where the image will be reproduced (e.g., in an article or book) and provide an abstract of your research interest. We ask that one (1) complimentary print copy and/or digital PDF of the publication be provided for inclusion in the ACOR library. In addition, required image processing fees, as well as any fees for commercial or non-commercial use, will apply [see fee schedule below].

Commercial Publications

Additional fees apply for images to be used in commercial publications, as well as for specific use of an image on a book cover, eBook/electronic/internet, and other uses. Commercial use inside Jordan is free of charge. ACOR will provide a quote upon receipt of the request form. The permission for publication fee is in addition to image processing fees, when applicable. We also ask that one (1) complimentary  print copy and/or a digital PDF of the publication be provided for inclusion in the ACOR Library.

Terms and Conditions

1. The American Center of Research grants one-time, non-exclusive permission to reproduce images. Any additional permissions will be noted on your personal Permission for Publication letter.

2. Whether or not the publication is copyrighted, the American Center of Research reserves the right to subsequent use and the right to determine all future use of the image(s) by others.

3. The American Center of Research gives no exclusive rights to any publisher, and assumes no responsibility for duplication of production by others or any responsibility for claims by third parties.

4. The image(s) will be appropriately credited in the form: “Name of Collection. Date of image. ACOR.” Ex. Kenneth Russell Collection. 1990. ACOR [Note: certain collections require specific credit to the photographer. For these you will receive that information if different than stated here.]

Rights and Reproductions Fee Schedule

Academic/Research/Editorial Non-CommercialLecture/Presentation, Website, Research Paper, magazine, book etc.
Watermarked images may be downloaded without a request form*No Charge

*Refer to Research, Academic and Scholarly Publications section

Publications/Merchandise – Non-CommercialPrint Run Under 4,000Print Run Over 4,000
Processing Fee – Existing Image(s)$10$10
Processing Fee – New Image(s)$20$20
Book/Publication Interior (Single Country)No ChargeNo Charge
Book/Publication Interior (Worldwide) + eBook/Electronic/InternetNo ChargeNo Charge
Book/Publication Cover (Single Country & Worldwide) + eBook/Electronic/InternetNo ChargeNo Charge
Publications/Merchandise – Commercial (free for use in Jordan)Print Run Under 4,000Print Run Over 4,000
Processing Fee – Existing Image(s)$20$20
Processing Fee – New Image(s)$30$30
Book/Publication Interior (Single Country)$20$30
Book/Publication Interior (Worldwide) + eBook/Electronic/Internet$50$75
Book/Publication Cover (Single Country & Worldwide) + eBook/Electronic/Internet$300$400

Download a PDF of the Publication Guidelines and Image Request Form HERE

If you have already filled out the form and have received an invoice click HERE to complete the transaction