ACOR Digital Archive Project (2020 – 2024)

To learn more about this project, see the full announcement here.

Project Co-Leads

Ryder Kouba (from 2021)

Rawad Bou Malhab (2021)

Project Metadata Coordinator

Samya Khalaf Kafafi (from 2020)

Project Technical Archivist

Nora Al Omari (from 2020)

Arzaq Abu Eid (2021)

ACOR Photo Archive Project (2016 – 2020)

The list below includes those involved in the ACOR Photo Archive Project (2016 – 2020).  We are grateful for all their hard work and dedication to help bring this project to fruition.

Project Co-Leads

Jack Green (2018-20)

Carmen (Humi) Al-Ayoubi (until March 2020)

Glenn Corbett (until March 2018)


Jessica Holland (2019-20)

Project Coordinator: Metadata and Data Management

Samya Khalaf Kafafi

Project Archivists / Junior Archivists

Ashley Lumb (2019-20)

Rachael McGlensey (2019)

Jessica Holland (2018)

Steve Meyer (2017–18)

Corrie Commisso (2017)

Archival Technicians

Yousef Abu Ali (2016–February 2018)

Razan Ahmad (from February 2018)

Library and Archives Assistants

Eslam Dawodieh (from August 2019)

Hala Alsaqqa (until June 2019)

Archival Consultants

Charles Jones (from 2019)

Diane Ryan (2016–17)

Corrie Commisso (from 2017)


Aaron Rubinstein (2019-2020)

Digitization Interns

Eslam Dawodieh (January to July 2019)

Mustafa W. Al Qaisy (2018)

Hala Alsaqqa (2018)

Ameer Al-Khatahtbeh (2018)

Razan Ahmad (2017–18)

Meis Shahin (2017)

Brittany Ellis (2017)