USAID SCHEP Collection Galleries – English

See Arabic version here. The USAID SCHEP collection is comprised of 4,710 selected photographs from the first four years of SCHEP (2014 – 2018), making them available to the public as a special collection within the ACOR Photo Archive. The photos showcase SCHEP-supported site development work at nine sites throughout Jordan (Bayt Ras, Umm al Jimal, Madaba, Ghawr as Safi, Busayra, Bir Madhkur, Temple of the Winged Lions, Wadi Rum, Ayla) highlighting modern conservation methods and local community involvement.  The collection is arranged in five series by categories: Site Development, Capacity Building, Awareness, Events, and Tourism. Below are image galleries for each of the categories, which offer a sampling of what the collection includes under each theme.